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Suga Shikao releases new “Sugarless III” for his 25th-anniversary debut

Suga Shikao ‘s new album “Sugarless III” will be released on December 22nd.

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Wienners Artist Photo

Galactic Punk Band, Wienners To Release TV Anime “Digimon Ghost Game” OP theme song, “FACTION” + ” Horror” Music Video

Galactic Punk Band, Wienners premiered a new single, titled “FACTION” , the OP theme song for the TV anime “Digimon Ghost Game” (available now to steam/download (

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“PIZZICATO FIVE On Demand -KONISHI yasuharu edition” IS OUT

“PIZZICATO FIVE On Demand -KONISHI yasuharu edition” is out today as the 2nd instalment of the series. The compilation consisting of 32 songs created by Yasuharu Konishi from original albums, mini-albums, and singles while he was in Nippon Columbia are officially available for stream/download for the first time.

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BoA will release a new song to commemorate her 20th anniversary Japan debut

BoA will release a new song “My Dear” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Japan’s debut on November 5th, which is her birthday.

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Hatsune Miku’s virtual concert “GALAXY LIVE” will be held on December 18 and 19 of this year, along with an Album release

“Hatsune Miku GALAXY LIVE” is a virtual live performed on the communication SNS INSPIX WORLD. With a production that makes full use of VR technology, images will be delivered as if Hatsune Miku is performing live in outer space. The first was held on 2DAYS in September of last year, and about 14,000 people participated.

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IKE vocalist of SPYAIR performs Imagination on THE FIRST TAKE YouTube Channel

SPYAIR vocalist IKE appears on the 158th episode of YouTube channel ‘THE FIRST TAKE.’ 

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GARNiDELiA releases new MV “Otome no Kiso” and their 5th Album Title “Duality Code”

“Otome no Kiso” is the opening theme of the TV anime “Taisho Otome Otome Otowa” being broadcast on TV Tokyo. It will be included in the new album “Duality Code” released by GARNiDELiA on November 17th. 

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GARNiDELiA’s vocalist MARiA will sing the Ending theme of “Fighting God Machine G’s Frame”

It has been decided that MARiA will be performing the ending theme of the original TV anime ” Fighting God Machine Frame”, which will be broadcast on TOKYO MX / BS Nippon Television from October 8th!

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L’Arc-en-Ciel will have 100 taxi’s drive around Tokyo

This is to commemorate the release of L’Arc~en~Ciel‘s latest single “FOREVER”, and was realized in collaboration with THE TOKYO MOBILITY GALLERY Canvas, Japan’s first vehicle window mobility signage service that displays advertisements on the side glass behind the taxi.

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Kitri Drops Artwork of ”Hikare Inochi”, ED theme song for TV Anime “Komi Can’t Communicate” And Announced Their Concert Tour -Kitri no Ongaku Kai #4- From December!

“Komi Can’t Communicate”, commonly known as “Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu” is a manga series by Oda Tomohito about girl who have communication issues. The long-awaited TV anime adaptation of the series is set to debut /On Netflix on October 7(Thu) and Kitri, a sister piano duo, who performs ED theme song of the TV anime, called “Hikare…

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