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Hatsune Miku’s virtual concert “GALAXY LIVE” will be held on December 18 and 19 of this year, along with an Album release

“Hatsune Miku GALAXY LIVE” is a virtual live performed on the communication SNS INSPIX WORLD. With a production that makes full use of VR technology, images will be delivered as if Hatsune Miku is performing live in outer space. The first was held on 2DAYS in September of last year, and about 14,000 people participated.

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Miku Expo 2021

MIKU EXPO 2021 Online Concert needs support from fans

Miku Expo 2021 Online Concert has been announced on Twitter. Organizers presented plans to stream the concert online and free to all viewers. Organizers announced to launch a crowdfunding campaign on mid-November to fund the project and to have the online concert to be free and accessible to everyone. #MIKUEXPO2021 ??In November we will be…

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