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L’Arc-en-Ciel will have 100 taxi’s drive around Tokyo

This is to commemorate the release of L’Arc~en~Ciel‘s latest single “FOREVER”, and was realized in collaboration with THE TOKYO MOBILITY GALLERY Canvas, Japan’s first vehicle window mobility signage service that displays advertisements on the side glass behind the taxi.

100 key arts express the artist’s main visual, “FOREVER” over and over again, and the theme of “FOREVER = eternity” on the windowpanes of 100 “L’AXI” Will be posted, and the music video of “FOREVER” will be aired in the car by the mobility media GROWTH. 

If you see “L’AXI” in Tokyo, tweet it with the hashtag “#LAXI”.

100 taxis will run in Tokyo from October 4th to 10th today.

Source: natalie