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Suga Shikao releases new “Sugarless III” for his 25th-anniversary debut

Suga Shikao ‘s new album “Sugarless III” will be released on December 22nd.

Following “Sugarless” released in 2001 and “Sugarless II” released in 2011, this album, which is the third album in the series, will be a kick-off for the 25th anniversary of its debut in 2022. In addition to 4 new songs and tie-up songs such as the Tokyo Metro CM song “Come to play in my town “, provided songs such as Little Glee Monster “Hikaru Kakera” and KAT-TUN “Real Face” and Kokua A self-cover of “Progress” is also included.

“Real Face” is a new arrangement produced by the composer Tak Matsumoto ( B’z ) for this work. “Progress” contains a re-recorded version of Kokua members.

This work will be released in two specifications, the “25th Anniversary Edition” and the regular edition. The included Blu-ray of the 25th Anniversary Edition contains making footage and music videos that follow the process of recording and mixing “Progress”. Also included is a book with recording data of all songs, lyrics at the time of production, and musical scores. 

A teaser video was also released on YouTube.

Suga Shikao –Sugarless Ⅲ Teaser

From 20:00 on October 25th, the special program “Yarukane !? Debut 25th Anniversary Kick-off SP” will be broadcast live from a studio in Tokyo to commemorate the release announcement of “Sugarless III”.

 In this program, Suga talks about the whole picture of “Sugarless III” and his feelings for celebrating the 25th anniversary, and also shows a studio live.

Contents of Suga Shikao “Sugarless III”


・ Twilight ★ Twilight
・ October Birthday
・ Hikaru Kakera [Original: Little Glee Monster ]
・ Already good
・ Happy Strike
・ Amenochi Hare
・ Music Train ~ Spring Magician ~
・ Come to my town
・Heartproof bulletproof waistcoat
<25th Anniversary Special Track>
・ Real Face (produced by Takahiro Matsumoto) [Original: KAT-TUN ]
・ Progress and other 12 songs will be recorded

25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

Suga Shikao / The making of Progress

・ “Progress” MUSIC VIDEO
・ “The making of Progress”

YouTube: Suga Shikao

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