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GARNiDELiA’s vocalist MARiA will sing the Ending theme of “Fighting God Machine G’s Frame”

It has been decided that MARiA will be performing the ending theme of the original TV anime ” Fighting God Machine Frame”, which will be broadcast on TOKYO MX / BS Nippon Television from October 8th!

The title of the ending theme is “Galactic Wind”.

The first anime tie-up as MARiA’s solo!

MARiA’s comment

“I will be in charge of the ending theme song of
“Fighting God Machine G’s Frame”
The title is
“galactic wind”, which is the wind
that blows into the galaxy caused by a supernova explosion.
While shining like a star,
she fought for her own justice
and sang an explosively hot feeling.As it is the first anime theme song as a MARiA solo, it is a song packed with my own strength!
What is a mistake of whether the correct answer and what is justice what to you that while asking myself while doubts continue to live this world desperately, this song. I hope many people will receive it along with the anime.”

It is an immersive song that magnificently enlivens the battle between a girl and an ancient robot called G’s Frame.
This song will be available on various distribution sites from October 13th after the first broadcast!
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Source: natalie , Garnidelia