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“PIZZICATO FIVE On Demand -KONISHI yasuharu edition” IS OUT

“PIZZICATO FIVE On Demand -KONISHI yasuharu edition” is out today as the 2nd instalment of the series. The compilation consisting of 32 songs created by Yasuharu Konishi from original albums, mini-albums, and singles while he was in Nippon Columbia are officially available for stream/download for the first time.

As the year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the breakup of PIZZICATO FIVE and with the Tokyo Olympics in summer 2021, Pizzicato Five’s music was again getting a lot of attention as “Tokyo’s music. The project was developed with the hopes that their music will bring happiness to a world exhausted by the Covid-19 disaster. The 1st instalment of PIZZICATO FIVE On Demand -TAKNAMI keitaro edition was just released in the last month.

“Pizzicato Five Digital Reissue Series Vol 3: NOMIYA maki Edition to be available on November 17 was also announced

PIZZICATO FIVE On Demand -KONISHI yasuharu edition

For Stream/Download:

Track List:

1. London – Paris

2. All About The Married Life

3. Jinx

4. Lament No. 5

5. Ohayo

6. Tout va bien (PIZZICATO FREE SOUL a.k.a. Ska Mix)

7. Strawberry Sleighride

8. Face B

9. Superstar

10. Fortune Cookie

11. Shopping Bag

12. The Sweetest Girl

13. Questions

14. Happy Sad (TYO Version)

15. Domino

16. Snowflakes

17. Mini Cooper

18. Holger & Marcus

19. Cornflakes

20. Passing By (Friendly Track)

21. Passing By (Friendly Friends)

22. All About Me (Instrumental)

23. Happy Birthday

24. The Awakening (Demo Version)

25. Catwalk (St. Etienne Remix)

26. Like I Do

27. Friend & Lover

28. Spellbound

29. What’s New Pussycat?

30. Me, Japanese Boy I Love You

31. Everybody Loves Somebody

32. Ginchanno Raburetaa 

PIZZICATO FIVE On Demand -TAKNAMI keitaro edition


  1. Brigitte Bardot T.N.T.
  2. Tokyo’s Coolest Sound
  3. Past, Present, Future
  4. Vacance
  5. Soratobu Rikakyoushitsu
  6. Shock Treatment
  7. Funky Lovechild
  8. Cosmic Blues
  9. Peace Music

10. Sleeper

11. Rain Song

12. Eclipse

13. Saga

The track list of PIZZICATO FIVE On Demand -NOMIYA maki edition (available on November 17) will be announced soon

Nippon Columbia Pizzicato Five official site:

Yasuharu Konishi official site:

Maki Nomiya official site


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