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Month: October 2020

Netflix announces their Anime Projects at Netflix Anime Festival 2020

Netflix reveals 5 new Anime Projects at the recently concluded Anime Festival 2020. These titles are : Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure Thermae Romae Novae High-Rise Invasion Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan The Way of the Househusband Netflix also gave updates on 11 upcoming anime titles that they have previously announced at the online event. EDEN RESIDENT…

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Evangelion takes over Tokyo Skytree

Evangelion takes over Tokyo Skytree to commemorate the release of “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” on January 23, 2021. Tokyo Skytree will hold a collaboration event “EVANGELION Tokyo Sky Tree” from December 23 to March 31, 2021. Aside from exhibition productions and photo spots where you can enjoy the world of Evangelion, the event will also…

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Cosplay Auction Online Vol. 2 landscape

Cosplay Auction Online Vol. 2: Facespooktacular!

Introducing ?Cosplay Auction Online Vol. 2?: Facespooktacular! With bidding done entirely on Facebook, an ?Auction Catalog? that will show the items that will be auctioned off even before the auction, and even more Auction items and sellers that ever before, this is the biggest upgrade to Auction Online ever! Enjoy this amazing online event starting at 4pm on…

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Grab a seller slot for Cosplay Auction Online Vol. 2!

It’s time to grab a seller slot at the new and improved Cosplay Auction Online Vol. 2 with upgrades like Facebook Bidding, Auction Product Catalog, Auction Schedule and more! But, don’t worry because most items from character goods to plushies, figures and more will still start at only 1 Peso!

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Smell like a powerful sorceress and collateral damage

Feeling like a powerful sorceress that could cast the all-powerful Dragon Slave spell and smell like collateral damage confidence?

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All-anime-themed hotel ready to welcome guests

A new all-anime-themed hotel is ready to welcome guests in the town Tokorozawa in the Saitama Prefecture. Tokorozawa has been investing and pushing to be the next otaku destination. The town opened up last August 2020 the Tokorozawa Sakura Town pop culture entertainment center and with LED anime art manhole covers guiding pedestrians from the…

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Miku Expo 2021

MIKU EXPO 2021 Online Concert needs support from fans

Miku Expo 2021 Online Concert has been announced on Twitter. Organizers presented plans to stream the concert online and free to all viewers. Organizers announced to launch a crowdfunding campaign on mid-November to fund the project and to have the online concert to be free and accessible to everyone. #MIKUEXPO2021 ??In November we will be…

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Konomi Suzuki

Konomi Suzuki on hiatus due to vocal cord surgery

Konomi Suzuki will go into hiatus due to a vocal cord surgery starting December as announced through her Twitter. Konomi Suzuki said, “I first came down [with vocal cord nodules] about four years ago, but I finally decided [on surgery] so I can keep singing a long, long time from now.” そして、12月より声帯結節の手術治療の為にしばらく休養させて頂く事になりました。 4年程前から患っており、この先もっともっと長く歌い続けていく為にようやく決断をしました。 歌手活動としての復帰は、1月31日ANIMAX MUSIXを予定しています。どうか、待ってて下さい!!!…

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Nijisanji opens official fan club, “Nijisanji FAN CLUB”

TOKYO – Vtuber/Virtual Liver Group Nijisanji opens official club, “Nijisanji FAN CLUB”, and will offer exclusive content for fan club members.

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Auction Poll

Vote of the Cosplay Auction Online items that you want!

What Items Do You Want for the next Cosplay Auction Online? Let us know what you want to be auctioned off in the next Cosplay Auction Online by filling up the form below! Have an item in mind that’s not in the list? Share them in the comments below! Watch out for the next Cosplay…

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