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Nijisanji opens official fan club, “Nijisanji FAN CLUB”

TOKYO – Vtuber/Virtual Liver Group Nijisanji opens official club, “Nijisanji FAN CLUB”, and will offer exclusive content for fan club members.

Nijisanji FAN CLUB will start operations on 15 October 2020 and an exclusive chat app for members will be made available on Google Play and Apple App Store starting 22 October 2020.

What exclusive content will members get?

  1. Original content from VTubers – Members can enjoy exclusive and original content from Nijisanji VTubers such as picture diary, blog, and videos.
  2. Chat App – Members can get to chat with different Nijisanji VTubers with dedicated chat rooms.
  3. Exclusive Members-Only Information – News and Information on Nijisanji will be distributed through the exclusive chat app.
  4. More Additional Contents in the Future – Nijisanji has more plans for the service like advance ticket selling of official Nijisanji events, exclusive newsletter (once every three months), hold member-only events, and member-only goods selling.

How much is the membership fee?

  • Nijisanji General Fan Club – 330 Yen (tax included) per month
  • Individual VTuber Fan Clubs – 550 Yes (tax included) per month

Fan Clubs:

Source: PR Times


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