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Day: October 10, 2020

Konomi Suzuki

Konomi Suzuki on hiatus due to vocal cord surgery

Konomi Suzuki will go into hiatus due to a vocal cord surgery starting December as announced through her Twitter. Konomi Suzuki said, “I first came down [with vocal cord nodules] about four years ago, but I finally decided [on surgery] so I can keep singing a long, long time from now.” そして、12月より声帯結節の手術治療の為にしばらく休養させて頂く事になりました。 4年程前から患っており、この先もっともっと長く歌い続けていく為にようやく決断をしました。 歌手活動としての復帰は、1月31日ANIMAX MUSIXを予定しています。どうか、待ってて下さい!!!…

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Nijisanji opens official fan club, “Nijisanji FAN CLUB”

TOKYO – Vtuber/Virtual Liver Group Nijisanji opens official club, “Nijisanji FAN CLUB”, and will offer exclusive content for fan club members.

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Auction Poll

Vote of the Cosplay Auction Online items that you want!

What Items Do You Want for the next Cosplay Auction Online? Let us know what you want to be auctioned off in the next Cosplay Auction Online by filling up the form below! Have an item in mind that’s not in the list? Share them in the comments below! Watch out for the next Cosplay…

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