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Day: June 16, 2023

NEO Café & Bar Brings Unprecedented Fusion of Day & Night

NEO Café & Bar is a dazzling new attraction at the heart of Poblacion that embodies the dual allure ofday and night, the sun and moon, the casual elegance of a café, and the dynamic energy of a bar. Itsvision is to blend the worlds of nightlife, pop culture, fandoms, gaming, and everything in between…

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ACX 2023: Cosplay Karaoke Encore

Prepare for a Killer Karaoke Kerfuffle at Anime & Cosplay Expo 2023: Re:Born a Chimera with Cosplay Karaoke Encore! Bring your singing skills to the fold and take on all challengers! To join Cosplay Karaoke Encore, click on Read More

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Manga Planet Adds 3 New Titles from HERO’S INC.!

Ikebukuro, Japan — Manga Planet is pleased to announce the addition of the following manga titles* from HERO’S INC.

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