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NEO Café & Bar Brings Unprecedented Fusion of Day & Night

NEO Café & Bar is a dazzling new attraction at the heart of Poblacion that embodies the dual allure of
day and night, the sun and moon, the casual elegance of a café, and the dynamic energy of a bar. Its
vision is to blend the worlds of nightlife, pop culture, fandoms, gaming, and everything in between with the delectable dishes, aromatic coffee and premium cocktails NEO has to offer.

“We strive to provide an immersive, vibrant environment where every guest feels welcome to experience,
explore and enjoy,” shares Migz Dado, owner of NEO Café & Bar. “Our vision for NEO is to break the
boundaries of traditional Cafes & Bars at Poblacion. To create a place where all Pop Culture fans can
celebrate monumental events while soaking in the NEO vibe. Our Logo, represented by the Sun & Moon,
symbolizes the dual allure of NEO Café & Bar and we aim to keep things interesting and exciting, full of
mysteries & surprises throughout the year.”

On Thursday, June 15, the Ribbon Cutting and Media Event, was a standout event filled with a
distinguished line-up of guests and engaging programs. Some popular personalities in the tech, gaming
and pop culture space also graced the event.

Following the ceremony, guests were given a tour of the bar, where they got to appreciate its unique
blend of Japanese industrial design and neon-lit cyberpunk ambience. The bar also played host to a
dynamic Coffee and Bar Showmanship, followed by a Q & A session.

To kick things off, NEO Café & Bar successfully celebrated its RSVP-Exclusive Launch party on June 9th
and 10th. The exclusive Launch Party was nothing short of spectacular. Attendees were captivated by the
electrifying lineup of special guest DJs: Bad Boy Jeff, Dara Carmina, Daxx, Xiao, & T33g33. Their
stunning tracks and dynamic beats swept the crowd off their feet, adding a unique rhythm to the NEO
experience. To amplify the event, NEO Café & Bar offered a special ‘Buy One Get One on Booze and
Coffee’ promo. Furthermore, attendees were treated to a Gin Buffet, courtesy of 1834 Gin, providing a
variety of gin-infused beverages that ensured the celebration buzzed throughout the night.

NEO Café & Bar is set to officially open its doors to the public on June 16. This grand public launch is
expected to be marked by an unforgettable party, featuring electrifying performances from guest DJs. The
public launch party is predicted to emulate the same vibrant atmosphere of the exclusive event, promising a night to remember and a whole NEO experience for all attendees.


Address: 2F Vine Building, Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati, Philippines

Contact No.: 0998 557 3061



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