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Day: March 3, 2022

Manga Release Update: “I want to be spoiled by the Marquis of Ice”

Mochiko Mochiko’s original Kamori Collar “I’m spoiled by the Ice Marquis! -My struggle for a young girl who has only serious development- @ COMIC” Volume 1 on March 1st. It was released by TO Books. It is a comicalized work based on the novel.

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Koda Kumi released her 18th album titled “heart”

Kumi Koda’s 18th original album “heart” was released on March 2nd.

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“Kizuna Ai” till we connect with everyone again…

Kizuna AIĀ ‘s last one-man “Kizuna AI The Last Live” hello, world 2022 ” was broadcast last, February 26th.

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