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Koda Kumi released her 18th album titled “heart”

Kumi Koda’s 18th original album “heart” was released on March 2nd.

Kumi Koda “heart”CD+Blu-ray jacket

Koda will hold a national tour “KODA KUMI Love & Songs 2022” from March 5th with this album. In addition to songs such as “We’ll Be OK,” “4 MORE,” and “To 100 Kodoku Tachi,” which have been released continuously since last year, this album also includes a collaboration song with AI, “GOOD TIME feat. AI,” from Taiwan.

Contains 12 songs including the collaboration song “Outta my control feat. ØZI” with the artist ØZI. The DVD and Blu-ray specs include music videos and making footage.

Kumi Koda “heart” contents


01. Bow Wow
02. Sure shot
03. Atlas
04. GOOD TIME feat. AI
05. Outta my control feat. ØZI
06. Anemone
07. To 100 Kodoku
08. to be free
09. RED
10. 4 MORE
11. Doo-Bee-Doo-Bop
12. We’ll Be OK

DVD / Blu-ray

01. Sure shot
02. To 100 Kodoku
03. to be free
04. 4 MORE
05. Doo-Bee-Doo-Bop
06. We’ll Be OK
07. 4 MORE -Dance Ver.-
・ Behind The Scenes- Sure shot [Music Video]-


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