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“Kizuna Ai” till we connect with everyone again…

Kizuna AI ‘s last one-man “Kizuna AI The Last Live” hello, world 2022 ” was broadcast last, February 26th.

Since December 2016, Kizuna AI has been active mainly on YouTube with the goal of “connecting with humans.” She announced in December last year that she would sleep indefinitely to make an “update aimed at further growth.” The pattern of “Kizuna AI The Last Live” hello, world 2022 “”, which was her last live before sleep, was broadcast live on multiple video sites including YouTube, and Kizuna (*Kizuna AI fan name) all over the world.

Before the start of the live, comment videos of people related to Kizuna AI were released, and the words of many people regardless of genre, such as Vtuber, YouTuber, and talent, were heard. When the live started, the “Kizuna AI Marching Band Corps” who hit the drums in the dark appeared. Kizuna AI emerged from this band, wearing a divine aura. When the stage lights were turned off and she was alone, she sang one phrase of her first original song “Hello, Morning” with acappella. From there she moved to a stage with a mic stand, where she started her performance under the watchful eye of more than 1800 virtual talents.

First, Kizuna AI sang the first song “Hello, Morning” in a remixed version by DJ TORA for this live performance. Black Eye participated as a guitarist in numbers such as “First Light” and “future base” to support the performance of Kizuna AI. Furthermore, a DJ booth will appear on the stage from “melty world”, and virtual TeddyLoid , virtual DJ TORA, virtual Moe Shop, virtual Avec Avec, virtual DE DE MOUSE , and virtual Yunomi will be in charge of DJing. After “Touch Me” , many Vtubers such as Cyber ​​Girl Siro and Mirai Akari acted as dancers, and virtual Yasutaka Nakata performed DJ play in the final song “AIAIAI” of the main story. In the middle of this song, a call and response with virtual talents was also made, and the last spurt was brilliantly colored.

Upon entering the encore, it was revealed that a singing-specialized AI Kizuna (#KZN) based on her singing voice was being developed and that Kizuna AI’s animation project would start as a “serious announcement”. .. Kizuna (#KZN) was unveiled during this performance, and she sang her new song “Kizuna AI to AI” with Kizuna AI. The concert is finally coming to an end, and Kizuna AI says, “Activities are really a series of choices, and of course it’s nice and fun, but sometimes it’s the only choice. I can’t tell everyone. “I had a lot of regrets,” she recalled, saying, “I never gave up because you in front of the screen didn’t give up on me.” .. She added, “There are a lot of things that have been fulfilled with everyone, but there are also many things that haven’t been fulfilled yet, and there are many things that haven’t been fulfilled. Today’s live was great, but I’m still not satisfied.” And I want to do a live concert again like this. I haven’t given up on connecting with everyone in the world. “

And in the last number “Hello, Morning” orchestra arrangement version, comments from Kizner are displayed one after another in the space. Finally, Kizuna AI was watched by a large number of virtual talents, and while being wrapped in comments, left the stage with wings and finished the last performance.

the connection will not disappear!
i love you forever
until that day when i wake up again
see you!

The full archive video of the one-man “Kizuna AI The Last Live” hello, world 2022 “” has been released on YouTube.

Website: Kizuna AI official website

Youtube: A.I.Channel

Source: natalie