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Manga Release Update: “I want to be spoiled by the Marquis of Ice”

Mochiko Mochiko’s original Kamori Collar “I’m spoiled by the Ice Marquis! -My struggle for a young girl who has only serious development- @ COMIC” Volume 1 on March 1st. It was released by TO Books. It is a comicalized work based on the novel.

I want to be spoiled by the Marquis of Ice!

Yuri is a light novel writer, and noticed that she was reincarnated in the world of light novels she wrote.
She is also the daughter of the Marquis, but not loved as she is an unrighteous child. Juliana is unlucky because she was imprisoned in a mansion after being abandoned by her mother, and was estranged by her father.

She is enthusiastic that she must first gain the liking of her father, Lambert, who is feared to be the “Marquis of Ice”, in order to avoid her upcoming bad end.

Source: natalie