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Chiikawa and Tokyo Revengers collaboration goods sold at Tsutaya

Collaboration goods of Nagano “Chiikawa something small and cute” and Ken Wakui “Tokyo Revengers” will be on sale at TSUTAYA 10 stores and TSUTAYA online shopping nationwide on July 22nd.

The collaboration, which was announced on April 15th on the official Twitter account (@chiikawa_comic) of “Chiikawa, something small and cute”, has been a hot topic. The collaboration goods that will be developed in conjunction with the release of the 4th volume of “Chiikawa” include 3 types of stuffed animals, 3 types of mascot chains, face towels, and a total of 8 types of lunch tote bags. In addition, those who purchase collaboration goods of 5,000 yen or more including tax at a physical store will receive a “Limited Collaboration Postcard / Conflict Edition” as a gift. From July 22nd, all 5 types of collaboration illustration postcards with “Tokyo Revengers” will be randomly distributed at TSUTAYA nationwide as a purchase privilege for each volume of “Chi7ikawa “.

In addition, one page of the collaboration manga drawn by Nagano is published in full color in Weekly Shonen Magazine No. 34 (Kodansha) released on July 20th. In addition, the cover of Morning No. 34 (Kodansha) released on July 21 will be decorated with a collaborative illustration drawn by Nagano, and two pages of manga drawn by “Chiikawa” will be published in full color on the magazine. In addition, Shonen Magazine No. 34 and Morning No. 34 will also hold a gift campaign for not-for-sale goods using collaboration illustrations drawn by Nagano. Check the magazine for details.


Source: natalie