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Day: July 26, 2022

“Arknights” released a new teaser and commemorative goods

The second teaser PV has been released from the TV anime ” Arknights [Dawn Prelude / PRELUDE TO DAWN] ” based on the tower defense game “Arknights -Tomorrow’s Boat-” for smartphones.

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Chiikawa and Tokyo Revengers collaboration goods sold at Tsutaya

Collaboration goods of Nagano “Chiikawa something small and cute” and Ken Wakui “Tokyo Revengers” will be on sale at TSUTAYA 10 stores and TSUTAYA online shopping nationwide on July 22nd.

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Orange Range releases new song “Pantyna”

The music video for ORANGE RANGE ‘s new song “Pantyna feat. Soy Source” will be premiered on YouTube on July 20th.

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