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Voice Talent Agency, Pro-Fit, Ceases Operations

Talent Management Agency, Pro-Fit, has announced to cease all production operations on March 2022.

According to Pro-Fit President, Makoto Tanimura, the company’s closure is due to “not being able to provide responsible management” to its talent pool in the future. The company will support its voice actors who will transition to other talent agencies or go independent between January to March.

Pro-Fit Voice Talent, Nobujiko Okamoto, posted about the announcement in his personal blog that he proposed to the President that it would be the best if a “new company” would inherit Pro-Fit voice talent trainees, as well as the company’s voice talent school. Okamoto shared that several Pro-Fit managers are planning to start a new separate company and he plans to arrange a business alliance with them.

Founded on November 4, 2003, Pro-Fit has managed voice talents such as Aoi Yūki, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Kaito Ishikawa, Ai Fairouz, Ikumi Hasegawa, Shun Horie, Akari Kitō, and Shizuka Ishigami, to name a few.

Source: Pro-Fit, Nobuhiko Okamoto’s blog


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