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Vampire Knight perfume from Colleize

The original fragrance of the Hino Festival “Vampire Knight” is on sale at colleize.

The original fragrance supervised by Hino has a lineup of three types with the image of Yuhime, Zero, and Kaname. The Yuhime model has a pure scent of flowers and musk such as rose, the Zero model has a perfume with a refreshing scent mixed with floral, and the pivot model has a woody top note with an elegant scent of cardamom. It was finished in a calm fragrance with sweetness mixed inside. In addition, each item comes with a postcard as a privilege.

The price is 6050 yen including tax. colleize accepts reservations until 23:59 on March 10th, and the products will be delivered around the beginning of May.

Check out the link of the official merchandise : colleize | Official merchandise / official licensed merchandise website

source: natalie