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U-Treasure release Sailor Moon Eternal jewelry

Jewelry based on the anime “Theatrical Version” Sailor Moon Eternal “based on Naoko Takeuchi will be released by U-Treasure.

One kind of engagement ring, four kinds of wedding rings, one kind of half eternity ring, and one kind of necklace have appeared. The engagement ring “Crisis Moon Compact Ring” is designed with the Crisis Moon Compact on the stone seat that supports the diamond. The point of the wedding ring is the “Moonlight Ring Eternal version.” the casual moon in the center V line and a straight line were developed for the arm part.

The “Moon Kaleidoscope Half Eternity Ring”, a half-eternity ring that is easy to wear as an engagement ring or a wedding ring, is a design of 15 pieces of diamonds. The necklace “Crystal Carillon & Pegasus Dream Necklace” has a Pegasus plate on the top crystal carillon.

Tokyo U-Treasure Concept Store Ikebukuro and U-Treasure Online Shop are accepting reservations for silver bridal rings and silver and gold necklaces from April 6th to 24th. Bandai Namco Group’s official mail order site Premium Bandai is also accepting reservations, and the products are scheduled to be delivered after August.

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