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“Twisted Wonderland” released a dictionary

Seven “Disney Twisted Wonderland Language Selection Dictionary” with the motif of the smartphone game “Disney Twisted Wonderland” will be released on July 28th. The design of the box that comes with the 7-volume set was released.

“Language Selection Dictionary” is a smartphone-sized dictionary series published by Gakken Plus. “Scene Word Selection Dictionary” for when you want to describe a landscape, and “Emotional Words” for when you want to express emotions in accurate words. A lineup that is useful to creators, such as “Selection Dictionary”, is being developed.

A box that comes with a set of 7 volumes of “Disney Twisted Wonderland Language Selection Dictionary”.
Image of using film sticky notes.

“Disney Twisted Wonderland Word Selection Dictionary” is a product designed with the case, cover, and frontispiece of the “Word Selection Dictionary” as the “Disney Twisted Wonderland” version. The box depicts the people involved in Night Raven College. In addition, a film sticky note is included as a bonus in all 7 volumes.

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