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“Twisted Wonderland” novel cover has been released!

The cover design of “Disney Twisted Wonderland THE NOVEL EPISODE1 Crimson Tyrant” released on March 18 has been announced.

This book is a novelized version of the smartphone game “Disney Twisted Wonderland”, and depicts the prologue of the game and Chapter 1 “Crimson Tyrant” from a unique perspective. Jun Hioki, who works on the original draft and main scenario of the game, the cover, frontispiece, and text illustrations of Yana Toboso, who is the character designer, and is also the scenario staff of the game, wrote the novel. 

On the cover, the figure of Riddle Rosehart, the dormitory director of the Heartslabur dormitory, is drawn against a red background such as Trump soldiers and rose plants. The cover illustration is also published in the March issue of the monthly G Fantasy (Square Enix).

Link: Disney Twisted Wonderland” Main Story Novelize Special Site | G Fantasy | SQUARE ENIX

Source: natalie