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“Toradora!” releases a commemorative PV on it’s 15th Anniversary!

Yuyuko Takemiya Various projects have started to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the novel “Toradora!”. A special site has opened, and comments have arrived from the cast staff of the anime “Toradora!”.

The first volume of the novel “Toradora!”

“Toradora!” Is drawn around Ryuji Takasu, a high school boy who is misunderstood as bad because of his bad eyesight, and Okawa Osaka, a high school girl who is called a “hand-riding tiger” because of his short and ferocious personality. Love comedy. The anime was broadcast in 2008, with Rie Kugimiya playing the role of Taiga and Junji Majima playing the role of Ryuji . In addition, the director is Tatsuyuki Nagai , the series composition is Mari Okada , the character design is Masayoshi Tanaka, and later as Super Peace Busters, “We do not yet know the name of the flower we saw that day.” The staff who worked on ” The person who knows the blueness of the sky ” is working.

Kugimiya said about “Toradora!” “I’m really happy to be able to meet such a wonderful work as an actor.” “Each event in the work is so colorful, It’s still a treasure-like work that shines in me. I hope many people will continue to enjoy it !! In addition, comments from YouTuber Emi Oomatsu, Chiaki Kuriyama, Daisuke Sakuma ( Snow Man ) and other work fans are also posted on the 15th anniversary special site.

In addition, PV commemorating the 15th anniversary will be released. Illustrations and character voices were played on the melody of the anime ending theme “Orange”. In addition, 15th anniversary commemorative goods will be released on March 26th. The lineup includes duplicate original drawings, hoodies, B2 tapestries, and teacups. Reservations are accepted at Dengekiya, Kadokawa Store, etc.

Dengeki Bunko “Toradora! 15th Anniversary Special PV !!

YouTube: 電撃文庫チャンネル

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