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“Tokyo Revengers” blended tea

A collaboration between the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” based on the original work by Ken Wakui and the silver cat cafe in the tea salon, which has its head office in Ginza, Tokyo. Blended tea with the image of a character will be released.

The lineup is a blended tea inspired by Takemichi Hanagaki, Manjiro Sano, Ken Ryuguji, Keisuke Bachi, Chifuyu Matsuno, and Takashi Mitsuya. The martial arts model is based on green tea with the scent of yuzu and the sweet and sour taste of apples, and the Mikey model is based on Ceylon tea with the astringency of dandelion and the mysterious flavor of lavender and vanilla. The model is based on Pu’er tea, and you can enjoy a calm flavor with astringent oolong tea and sharp juniper berries.

TV Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Blended Tea

In addition, the local model is a black tea with a dry taste brought about by cinnamon and various spices, and the Chifuyu model has a refreshing flavor of citrus peel and a refreshing feeling of lemongrass that is crisp and clear. And the Mitsuya model was finished in a black tea with a faint spicy feeling and a sweet scent of honey in the warmth of chamomile and ginger.

The price is 1944 yen including tax for the can package and 2500 yen each including tax for the pouch package. It will be sold in advance at the Ginza main store of Gin-Iro-Cat Cafe from April 7, and then sold at the online shop of Gin-Iro-Cat Cafe and other stores from April 14.

Source: natalie