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“The Yakuza’s Daughter and Caretaker” will be released on July 2022

The TV anime “The Yakuza’s Daughter and the Caretaker” based on Tsukiya ‘s original work will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from July 7. The main visual, the second PV, and additional cast have been announced.

“The Yakuza’s daughter and the caretaker” solves the troublesome things with violence, and Toru Kirishima, a yakuza who was called “the devil of the Sakuragi group” in the underworld, is entrusted with the caretaker of Yaehana, the only daughter of the group leader. A heart-full story that unfolds from what is happening. In the main visual, in addition to Toru Kirishima and Yaehana Sakuragi who appeared in the teaser visual, 6 characters such as Kazuhiko Sakuragi and Megumi Sugihara are appearing. 

All 10 characters will appear in the second PV, and you can listen to a part of the opening theme “To the Heroes of the Future” by YouTuber Sho Takeyaki.

As additional casts, Wataru Hatano will play the role of Rei Hojo, Jun Fukuyama will play the role of Masaya Hayami , and Hiroshi Kamiya will play the role of Yuri Mashiro . In addition, an official Twitter (@kumichomusume), we will carry out a gift campaign to win the autographed colored paper of Kamiya.

The second PV of the TV anime “The Yakuza’s Daughter and the Caretaker”

The Cast

Kirishima Tooru – Yoshimasa Hosaya
Sakuragi Yaeka – Misaki Watada
Suguhira Kei – Kaito Ishikawa
Rei Hojo – Wataru Hatano
Masaya Hayumi – Jun Fukuyama
Yuri Mashiro – Hiroshi Kamiya
Aoi Touichirou – Tomoaki Maeno
Sakuragi Kazuhiko – Ryouta Takeuchi
Sakuragi Miyuki – Mai Nakahara
Kanami Kurosaki – Misa Kobayashi

Link: TV anime “The Yakuza’s Daughter and the Caretaker” Official Website

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