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THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE Riku, Kazuma Kawamura and Hokuto Yoshino make their debut in “THE FIRST TAKE”

RIKU, Kazuma Kawamura and Hokuto Yoshino from THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE will appear in the 185th YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE”.

This is the first time that THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE has appeared in “THE FIRST TAKE”. The three will perform a magnificent love ballad “MY PRAYER” with an original arrangement. This video will premiere on January 21st.

Check out the Video:

THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE (RIKU, Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino) – MY PRAYER / THE FIRST TAKE



We are pleased to announce that “MY PRAYER” will be delivered at THE FIRST TAKE !!
I was wondering if I would be able to perform at the right time, so I was very happy. However, I felt that I had to deliver the “real thing”.
We will deliver the song “MY PRAYER” that we have sung carefully in the FIRST TAKE version, and since it is a genuine one-shot shot, we hope that you will be immersed in the music of Sribo while feeling the tension at the same time. increase!!

Kazuma Kawamura

We are grateful for this valuable opportunity.
I was very happy with the arrangement that was born because it was the place of THE FIRST TAKE.
Because of this opportunity, I thought that there would be songs that would be delivered with a different approach from LIVE, so I was looking forward to it and had a very wonderful experience!
Above all, I felt once again that “it’s okay to sing …”.
I hope I can touch the eyes, ears, and hearts of many people.

Hokuto Yoshino

It is a great honor to appear in THE FIRST TAKE for the first time!
Thank you!
Usually, there are many songs with a HIPHOP taste and strong, but the song “MY PRAYER” that I will sing this time is a ballad, and it is a song that you can listen to the songs of the three vocalists firmly!
I hope I can show you something a little different from our usual image this time!
It would be great if many people could get to know us with THE FIRST TAKE!


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