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The fun begins with the VOLs Vtuber Watchparty at the Aniporium Cafe

Aniporium in partnership with VOLs held a watchparty last June 18, 2023 at the Aniporium Cafe to showcase VOLs’ vtubers during their debut streams.

The crowd was filled with vtuber fans old and new alike to witness 3 new vtubers come to the limelight. They are: Tenko Sorara, a novice celestial fox who aspires to be a real human someday by understandinghumans through live streaming. Shirousa Mikumi, an ingenious inventor with a knack for creating devices that tend to have explosive outcomes. Finally we have Aria Synth, a sentient being, once confined to her digital coding, broke free and now navigates the vastness of the internet and gaming world to connect with humanity.

After the watchparty, they held a raffle for the attendees in which they can win can badges of the talents. They also had special collaboration drinks in spirit of the 3 talents that registrants were able to get for free.

With the advent of the vtuber age, we are giving our best of luck to VOLs and their talents into their foray in this industry.
You can find more information from VOLs website so do give them a visit at the link below and dont forget to follow, share, and support the talents.