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Thank You for Re:Igniting Your Passion With Us

Cosplay Mania 2022 (OFFICIAL) was definitely the most challenging convention that has organized to date. The ever-changing schedules and line-up, short preparation time and strict restrictions brought on by the pandemic made this convention the most arduous to date.

We apologize for the tardiness of the schedule announcements, but it’s preferable to have them late than constantly changing them as this would only result in confusion and more frustration.

One thing that we focused on, however, was making sure that we managed the lines as efficiently as possible. We wanted to minimize wait times, clear out bottlenecks and keep the attendees informed and prepared. Despite some hurdles (such as one of the escalators malfunctioning,) on the whole, the Security Team did an outstanding job. For a convention with a line stretching up to the back of SMX before even opening, this was no small feat.

We were aware of the issues that arose from the event, and were frantically dealing with issues throughout the venue specially in regards to NSFW content. Please remember that the event is a family-oriented event and to please keep NSFW content out of the sight of minors. The event staff did their best but can do only so much considering how big and packed the venue is.

We are also constantly analyzing the feedback of our con-goers, exhibitors and staff to provide the best experience possible. As our contract with SM Tickets is also expiring at the end of the year, we will look into other avenues to bring you a better ticketing experience to you in 2023.

Of course, all this would not be possible without our amazing sponsors, exhibitors and partners. We would like to thank them all for their constant support.

We’d also like to thank all our special guests who made the experience magical including Moona Hoshinova, Pavolia Reine, Ayunda Risu and Kureiji Ollie from Hololive Indonesia, Nozomu Sasaki, MindaRyn, Hiroto Kuramasu, Onnies, Thames Malerose and Yosuke Sora.

The event would not be possible though without the hard work of the Organizers and Event Staff, a lot of whom joined us only this year. In a short time, you’ve managed to fill some really big shoes and have risen to the challenge. We’re all very proud of all of you.

Most of all, we’d like to thank you, the con-goers for making this event a success. We’ve noticed that a lot of you were new (for a lot of people this was their first cosplay con) and didn’t know what to expect, and we’re glad that you had a great time.

We’re also glad to have reconnected with a lot of convention veterans. I know that we could not accommodate everyone who wanted to go to Cosplay Mania, but hopefully with the health situation improving, we can go back to allowing everyone full access to the event.

With next year becoming the landmark 15th Year Anniversary of Cosplay Mania, we’re preparing as early as now to produce an unforgettable event next year.

Until then, we’re prepping up for an amazing year-end celebration with Cosplay Matsuri 2022 this December 28-30, 2022. We promise to provide enough notice regarding the ticket selling and to do our best to celebrate a year of ups and downs, but also a year that promises a phenomenal future.


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