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Tamagotchi and BTS/ TinyTan collaboration

The key chain game “TinyTAN Tamagotchi” in collaboration with BTS character Tiny TAN will be released on September 17th.

There are two main body designs, “Tiny TAN Tamagotchi Purple ver.” With pop coloring inspired by Tiny TAN’s animation “Magic Door” and “Tiny TAN Tamagotchi Red ver.” With cool coloring inspired by the song “MIC Drop”. Of course, the characters that appear are the seven of TinyTAN with the motif of BTS, and the characters will change depending on the care of the “Magic Door” that appears from the smartphone in the game. Furthermore, the costumes and hairstyles of each character will change depending on how you spent with the TinyTAN characters and how much you played in the mini-games.

The rice given to TinyTAN is a favorite of each character, meat for RM, steak for Jin, sushi for SUGA, Takkanjeong for j-hope, tonkatsu for Jimin, hamburger for V, hamburger for Jung Kook. You can feed Samgyeopsal. Egg tarts were prepared for snacks common to all characters.

There are two types of mini-games, “Dance! Dynamite” and “Egg tart making”. You can enjoy playing with the characters. If you spend less time with TinyTAN in the game, their stress barometer will rise, and if you leave it as it is, you will return to the “Magic Door”.

On the online shopping site Premium Bandai, “TinyTAN Tamagotchi” and a soft vinyl figure set “TinyTAN Tamagotchi Hugmy Tamagotchi set” are also on sale. The soft vinyl has a shape that allows you to hug “Tiny TAN Tamagotchi” tightly, and the attached Tamagotchi is a black limited design with the motif of “MIC Drop”.

The price of “Tiny TAN Tamagotchi” is 2530 yen including tax, and it will be sold at toy stores, department stores, toy stores of home electronics mass retailers, and online shops nationwide. The “Tiny TAN Tamagotchi Hugmy Tamagotchi set”, which is sold exclusively at Premium Bandai, costs 4400 yen including tax, and there are additional shipping and handling charges for purchase.

Link: TinyTAN Tamagotchi | Found on the net! !! Tamagotchi Official Homepage

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