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Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad will return in 2022!

Volume 1 of “Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad” by Reki Kawahara, composed by Mito Sato , and drawn by Jifuka was released today on April 27th.

“Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad” Volume 1 (with band

“Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad” is a “comicalized definitive edition” that reconstructs the “Einclad” edition, which is the origin of the “Sword Art Online” series. From the beginning, the main character, Kirito, will be trapped in “Sword Art Online” with other players, and will try to clear the game with the hope of escaping. The original short story “Beginning Day”, which is not drawn in the anime, was also made into a manga for the first time. “Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad” is being serialized in the monthly comic Dengeki Daioh (KADOKAWA).

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