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” SPY x FAMILY “x Chugai Grace Cafe” Collab

A collaboration cafe of TV animation ” SPY x FAMILY ” based on Tatsuya Endo will be held at Chugai Grace Cafe on the 7th floor of Shibuya Modi, Tokyo from June 2nd to 19th.

The cafe offers menus such as “Reconciliation Mission Omurice,” “Anya’s Favorite Nut Pancake,” “Aim for Imperial Scholar Star (Stella) Parfait,” “Yor’s Bloody Orange Juice, and Yuri’s Fugarian Souvenir Wine-Style Drink.” .. Coasters were prepared as a privilege for ordering food or drinks and as a privilege for admission reservations.

We also sell tin badges, acrylic stands, acrylic key chains, etc. Every time you purchase 3000 yen including tax, you will receive one random postcard from all 6 types of postcards. And mail order of goods is also carried out. From 11:00 on June 2nd to 23:59 on the 19th, it will be available on the online shopping site Chugaionline.

The cafe is replaced every 80 minutes. Those who have made a reservation can enter with priority, and reservations are accepted on the special site until 23:59 on June 18.

Link: SPY x FAMILY x Chugai Grace Cafe | Chugai Grace Cafe

Source: natalie