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SCANDAL starts pre-release of “I didn’t become love”

The pre-release of the song “I didn’t become love” from SCANDAL’s 10th album “MIRROR” released on January 26th started today on January 12th.

“I didn’t become love” is a love song written and composed by MAMI (G, Vo). The lyrics realistically spell out the sad feelings of a woman whose love did not sublimate into love, and when it was first unveiled at last Christmas live, many sympathetic comments were received on SNS. The music video teaser video that will be unveiled on the album release date along with the advance distribution has also been released on various SCANDAL SNS, so check it out as well.

If you play “I didn’t love you” on Spotify for two weeks until the release date of the album, each member’s solo video will be played on the playback screen (Canvas). A campaign is also being held to win the concept photo sticker of “MIRROR” by lottery from those who shared the song from Spotify to Instagram.

Also, from today, iTunes pre-order for “MIRROR”, Apple Music, and Spotify’s pre-library reservations have started. In commemoration of the release of this work, it was decided that a campaign to win a poster with a member’s handwritten signature will be held at the target CD shop, Tower Records Shibuya store, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA, HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA, Joshin Nihonbashi store Disc Pier, Tower Records Kyoto It was also announced that a panel exhibition will be held at the store. Check the band’s official website for details.

SCANDAL 「愛にならなかったのさ」/ Ai Ni Naranakattanosa – Teaser

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