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Satoru Noda ‘s “Golden Kamui Exhibition” revealed

Satoru Noda ‘s “Golden Kamui” exhibition Prior to the “Golden Kamui Exhibition”, a key visual drawn by Noda arrived. In addition to the highlights of the exhibition, tickets, visitor benefits, and related events were also announced.

“Golden Kamuy Exhibition” to be held at Gallery AaMo in Tokyo Dome City from April 28th to June 26th. “Opening of the 1st Zone Gold Nugget Battle” focuses on the main characters who participated in the gold nugget battle, and traces their living proofs with graphics showing their portraits, a number of famous scenes, and actual materials that became models. go. In “Tattooed 24 Prisoners in Zone 2”, we will introduce 24 prisoners carved with a code tattoo indicating the whereabouts of the gold nugget in a space that imagines the inside of Abashiri Prison.

“Things That Connect Life in Zone 3” is a corner that introduces the diverse cultures that appeared during the journey around gold nuggets, along with materials. In “Role of each of the 4th zone”, the three big battles in the work are followed by illustrations arranged in chronological order. At the “Fifth Zone Golden Color Gallery”, more than 50 carefully selected color illustrations from the color illustrations drawn so far will be exhibited all over the wall.

Tickets will go on sale at Eplus on February 26th at 10am. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, tickets will be sold on holidays and during Golden Week from April 28 to May 8 on a specified date and time. In addition, a ticket with an “acrylic perpetual calendar” featuring the characters of “Golden Kamuy” was also prepared.

Visitors will be presented with a mini shikishi with an illustration drawn by Noda on a different day of the week. Furthermore, for those who visited after 17:00 every Tuesday during the session, the mask of Lieutenant Tsurumi or Ensign Koito as “Lt. Tsurumi Night”, and for those who visited after 17:00 on Thursday, “Jailbreak King Shiraishi Yutake Night” The mask of Jailbreak King Shiraishi will be presented. In addition, some of the original goods were also released.

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