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Sailor Moon x Samantha Group Collaboration

Naoko Takeuchi “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” and Samantha Group collaborate. Reservation acceptance for all 33 types of collaboration items has started.

This collaboration item commemorates the 30th anniversary of “Sailor Moon”. A long wallet with an embossed motif of the Princess Serenity dress design, a handbag with an impressive brooch motif metal fittings on the body that imaged a Sailor Moon costume such as a collar and ribbon, and cute cat ears that came out a little. A variety of items have been lined up, such as a pouch with the image of a na Luna and Artemis. In addition, accessories such as a ring that expresses the transformation scene to Sailor Moon are also available. Apparel such as dresses and polo shirts with moon and star motifs and skirts with ribbons on the back are also on sale.

Product reservations are accepted through Samantha Group official online and Bandai Namco Group official mail order site Premium Bandai until 23:00 on May 31st. It is also available at pop-up shops that collect collaboration items from the Samantha Group and stores of the same brand.

Links: “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” Collaboration Collection Samantha Thavasa Official Online Shop

Sailor Moon | Premium Bandai

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