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“Ranma1/2” x ITS’DEMO collaboration

Rumiko Takahashi’s “Ranma 1/2” and fashion variety store ITS’DEMO’s collaboration products will be on sale from July 5th at all stores and online stores except for some.

In this collaboration, we used two types of art, the “Polaroid pattern” that makes you feel nostalgic, and the “Pajamas pattern” that expresses a relaxed mood and cuteness. 

In addition to towels and clear vanity that are perfect for summer, eco-bags in mesh pouches, compact mirrors, acrylic key chains, key chains designed in an SNS style, and magnet frames are available.

Link: Released on 7/5 (Tue)! “Ranma 1/2” x ITS’DEMO | ITS’DEMO Official Blog | World Online Store | WORLD ONLINE STORE

Source: natalie