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Perfume released album jacket for their upcoming album “Plasma”

The jacket photo of Perfume ‘s new album “PLASMA” to be released on July 27, and the contents of the bonus disc that comes with the limited edition and the first limited edition have been announced.

This is Perfume’s first album in about four years. The limited edition will include music videos for “Time Warp,” “Polygon Wave,” “Playback,” and “Spinning World,” DISC 1, which includes a dance video for “Flow,” and “Perfume,” which members of Perfume took behind the scenes. View ”, live video“ Android & -Perfume LIVE 2022 [polygon wave]-” of the live“ Perfume LIVE 2022 [polygon wave] ”held in January this year, and the annual audio content“ Perfume just because I like radio! Two pieces of DISC 2 containing “5” are attached, and only DISC 1 is attached to the first limited edition.

In addition, Perfume will carry this album and hold an arena tour “Perfume 9th Tour 2022” PLASMA “” that will tour 9 cities nationwide from August to November. A special site for this tour and album also opened today on June 9th.

Perfume “Plasma” Limited Edition Jacket
Perfume “Plasma” First Press Limited Edition Jacket
Perfume “Plasma” Regular Edition Jacket

Perfume “PLASMA” contents


01. Plasma 
02. Time Warp (v1.1)
03. Polygon Wave (Original Mix)
04. Playback 
05. Spinning World
06. Mawarukagami 
07. Flow 
08. ∞ Loop 
09. Drive’n The Rain 
10. Hatenabito 
11. Android &
12. Goodbye Plastic World

Limited Edition / First Press Limited Edition Blu-ray / DVD DISC 1

・ PLASMA -Teaser-
・ Flow -Dance Video-
・ Playback -Video Clip-
・ Time Warp -Video Clip-
・ Polygon Wave -Video Clip-
・ Flow -Video Clip-
・ Spinning World -Video Clip-

Blu-ray / DVD DISC 2 included in the limited edition

・Perfume View
・ Android & -Perfume LIVE 2022 [polygon wave]-
・ Perfume’s radio just because I like radio! Five

Link: Perfume 2022 “PLASMA” Special Site

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