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Ouran High School Host Club the musical

Bisco Hatori’s “Ouran High School Host Club” will be made into a musical. It will be performed in January 2022 in Tokyo and Osaka as the opera “Ouran High School Host Club”.

It is a high school romantic comedy that begins when Haruhi, a commoner who entered a rich high school as a scholarship student, decided to join the “host club” of beautiful boys due to a certain happening.

Directed by Chobi Natsuki, chairman of the theater company Deer Killer, and written by Muck Akazawa. The original author, Hatori, who loves musicals, commented, “I am grateful that the host club is a truly blessed work.”

The Cast of the Musical:

Haruhi Fujioka is played by Yuka Yamauchi, Tamaki Suoh is played by Junya Komatsu, Kyoya Ootori is played by Masamichi Satonaka, Hitachiin Kaoru is played by Kaname Futaba, Hitachiin Hikaru is played by Isamu Futaba, Mitsukuni Haninozuka is played by Eito Konishi, Takashi Morinozuka is played by Sho Kato.

“Ouran High School Host Club” by Bisco Hatori is a manga serialized in “Monthly LaLa” by Hakusensha. In this work, which has also been made into a TV anime, TV drama, and live-action movie, the story unfolds in the “host club” created in the celebrity high school, Ouran High School, where rich kids attend. In this musical version, Muck Akazawa is the scriptwriter and Chobi Natsuki, the theater company, is in charge of the production. The performance will be held from January 15th to 23rd next year at the Tennozu Galaxy Theater in Tokyo, and on the 29th and 30th at Mielparque Hall Osaka in Osaka. General ticket sales start at 12:00 on December 11th.

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