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“ONE OK ROCK” participates in Apple Music Home Session for Artist cover project

ONE OK ROCK participates in the artist cover project “Apple Music Home Session” by Apple Music. The sound source was delivered on February 18th.

“Home Session” is a project started by Apple Music in 2020. Artists of various genres cover their own songs and songs of other artists with live music.

The sound source of ONE OK ROCK delivered this time is the acoustic version of their latest song “Wonder” and the song “Easy On Me” from the album “30” released by British singer-songwriter Adele in November last year. 2 songs. Taka (Vo) said about the song selection, “I did the cover of Adele’s song before. I haven’t covered the full chorus for a long time, but the timing of the new song that Adele released this time and the timing when I heard this story Since we were together, I decided to try Adele’s cover again. “

The playlist “Apple Music Home Session: Highlights” also introduces ONE OK ROCK’s “Easy On Me (Apple Music Home Session)” along with songs from various overseas artists.

Link: ONE OK ROCK’s “Apple Music Home Session: ONE OK ROCK” on Apple Music

Source: natalie