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Nana Mizuki releases MV for “Go Live!”

From the new album “DELIGHTED REVIVER” released by Nana Mizuki on July 6, the music video of the lead song “Go Live!” Has been released on YouTube.

“Go Live!”, Which was released in advance along with the release of the music video, has the theme of “life-size self” and sings the idea of ​​”Let’s move toward the future at our own pace!” A cheering song. In the music video, Mizuki wearing colorful costumes and accessories expresses “the undecorated self” by singing while chatting with the band members in a compact space.

In addition, a questionnaire project “Your choice, Nana Mizuki’s best tour of all time!” Is being held until June 29th to commemorate the live tour “NANA MIZUKI LIVE HOME 2022” being held for the first time in about three years. This is a plan to have Mizuki’s live tour held from 2002 to 2019 vote for his favorite tour. The results of the questionnaire were announced during the live distribution on LINE LIVE to commemorate the release of the new album “DELIGHTED REVIVER” to be held on July 1 , and the video of the tour with the most votes was officially released on July 9 by Nana Mizuki.

It will be premiered on YouTube.

Nana Mizuki – Go Live! Music Clip

Nana Mizuki “DELIGHTED REVIVER” contents


[Lyrics / Composer: Yoshidatakumi (saji) / Arrangement: Ryutaro Fujinaga (Elements Garden)]
02.Red Breeze
[Lyrics: Seiko Fujibayashi / Composer: Noriyasu Uematsu (Elements Garden) / Arrangement: Ryutaro Fujinaga (Elements Garden) ] )]
03. Spiral
[Lyrics: Yoshidatakumi (saji) / Composition / Arrangement: Yosuke Yamashita]
[Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi / Composition: Tomoki Okazawa / Arrangement: Hisashi Koyama]
[Lyrics: Yuho Iwasato ] / Composition: h-wonder / Arrangement: h-wonder / Arrangement: Yosuke Yamashita]
06. Double Shuffle
[Lyrics: Shiori / Composer: Sakanoue Yosuke / Arrangement: Toru Watanabe / Hiroshi Hibino]
07.Get up! Shout!
[Lyrics: Nana Mizuki / Composer: Reiji Yamamoto / Arrangement: Yusuke Kato]
08. Stratosphere
[Lyrics] : Goro Matsui / Composition: BOUNCEBACK / Arrangement: ats-]
09.Link or Chains
[Lyrics: Shihori / Composition: Kengo Minamida / Arrangement: Kengo Minamida]
10.DNA -Dance’n’ Amuse-
[Lyrics: Shihori / Composition: Hikaru Hirama / Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)]
[Lyrics: Nana Mizuki / Composition: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden) / Arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)]
12.Stand by you
[Lyrics: Yuho Iwasato / Composition: Toshikazu.K / Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements) Garden)]
13. Full Power DREAMER
[Lyrics: Nana Mizuki / Composition: Kengo Minamida / Arrangement: Kengo Minamida]
[Lyrics: Nana Mizuki / Composition: Nana Mizuki / Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)]
15.Go Live !!
[Lyrics: Yoshidatakumi (saji) / Composition: Yusuke Kato / Arrangement: Yusuke Kato]

First Press Limited Edition Blu-ray

NANA REVIVER FESTA 2022 Special Edition
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・ Afterglow Gaia
・ Don’t be long
・ Crystal Letter
・ Love Fireworks


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