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Most Popular Netflix Original Anime in 2020

Ever wonder what anime is popular in Netflix this year of 2020?

Being cooped up at home, we look for ways to keep us entertained and watching anime on a streaming service is one way that’s keeping us sane.

Streaming services have been gaining a lot of traction this year and it is not different from the granddaddy of subscription video-on-demand service, Netflix.

For years, Netflix has been building up its “Netflix Originals” library with exclusive titles and shows that’s produced by Netflix.

BudgetDirect conducted a study on the performance of Netflix Originals by identifying the most-searched Netflix Originals in every country from July 2019-2020 and then dividing it by genre.

We are focusing on the Netflix Original Anime genre and observe the reception and consumption of anime globally.

Top 3 Most Searched Netflix Original Anime

  1. The Seven Deadly Sins – top search in 125 countries
  2. BLAME! – top search in 34 countries
  3. Beastars – top search in 26 countries

The Seven Deadly Sins is the most searched anime in the Philippines.

Other Netflix Original Anime Searches

  • Castlevania – top search in 9 countries
    • Cape Verde, Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Greece, Moldova, Sri Lanka, and the Czech Republic
  • Kengan Ashura – top search in 6 countries
    • Angola, Mozambique, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Yemen, and Uzbekistan
  • Ultraman – top search in 5 countries
    • Laos, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Timon Leste
  • Violet Evergarden – top search in 4 countries
    • Thailand, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Libya
  • Baki – top search in 1 country
    • Wallis and Futuna
  • Sturgilln Simpson Presents Sound & Fury – top search in 1 country
    • Tuvalu

Source: Project Anime


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