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May’n’s new single composed by Kayoko Kusano

May’n ‘s new single “Ao no Kodou” will be released on April 12th.

This work is a song composed by May’n and Kayoko Kusano, who will be the first tag team. It has been decided that it will be broadcast from April 12 (Tuesday) as the theme song for 2022 of the baseball broadcast “10 Chan Baseball” on TV Aichi, and it is based in May’n’s hometown of Aichi and Nagoya. Liven up the battle of the Sun Dragons.

May’n will appear as a guest on “10 Chan Baseball” broadcast on April 12th (Tuesday).

May’n comment

As a Nagoya person, I am very excited about the Dragons blue music!!!
I myself thought that each live performance was a battle, and I continued to sing with one song.
You can fight because you can believe in yourself.
I hope it will be a song that can deliver power to players and Dragons fans! All For Victory !!

Comment by Kayoko Kusano

I’m a big baseball fan, a Central League fan, and I’ve used Senichi Hoshino as a guideline for my life. I made it.
I think that the finish will pierce the hearts of all baseball fans, so
please enjoy it with the whereabouts of the pennant race.

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