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Manga Release Update: “Waiting for Suzunami Ami”

The one-shot “Waiting for Suzunami Ami” based on the original work by Ichiho Nurida and the drawing by Omine was released today on March 16th at Shonen Jump + (Shueisha).

Waiting for Suzunami Ami

The sudden disappearance of popular Vtuber Suzunami Ami.
A young man who is one of the fans is struggling to return to her …!
A story that vividly depicts the relationship between Vtuber and fans.

Fans awaiting Suzunami Ami’s return try to fill her disappearance by watching her one-year archive at the same time every day. Draws troubles and miraculous dramas that occur to such fans.

This work is a comicalized work, and the novel is also published today by Hayakawa Publishing. The original is a remake of the short story that won the gold medal in the theme category of “Jump Novel New Face Award 2020” into a long story. The cover illustration was done by Ui Shigure.

Link: Waiting for Ami Suzunami-Kazuho Nurida / Omine | Shonen Jump +

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