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Manga Release Update: “Villain Lady and the Devil Knight”

The first volume of “Villain Lady and the Devil Knight” by Nekota was released on January 31st.

Villain Lady and the Devil Knight

“Villain Lady and the Devil Knight” serialized on Zero-Sum Online is a comicalized version of Nekota’s novel of the same name.

Cecilia, the Villainess, had been condemned and framed by the heroine and is thrown into a brothel. The first customer who came to visit her was the heroine’s childhood friend, a hidden character who immensely adored the heroine, known as the powerful Demon Knight. Cecilia, who was trembling in fear while trying to desperately do her job, and the Devil Knight, who had been in love with Cecilia and determined to overthrow the throne. Their love story blossomed that night.

The book also included 30 pages of their first night scenes.

As a purchase privilege, animate has an illustration drawn by Survival and a short story visual board drawn by Nekota, TSUTAYA BOOKS, Illustrated Card by Survival at Yurindo, Maruzen Junkudo Bookstore, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Shosen / Horindo Bookstore, and other support stores. Includes newly drawn paper. In addition, an electronically-only manga drawn by Survival was prepared.

Source: natalie