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Manga Release Update: “The Unconscious Saint, Unconsciously drips power today”

Volume 1 of Eto Yona’s “The Unconscious Saint Unconsciously drips Power Today ~The Daughter of a Duke, Finds Happiness at Her Marriage~” was released on October 12th. It is a comicalized work based on a novel by Amond.

The excellent Duke Sanchez family had two sisters. Her older sister, Flora, is a talented and talented saint candidate. And the younger sister, Carolina, is plain and lacking in talent.

Carolina accepts her marriage of convenience, saying, In her political marriage, it is decided that she will marry the second prince of the neighboring country, but there are rumors that Prince Edward is cruel and “cuts off even women and children without mercy”, Contrary to rumors, however, Prince Edward is actually a gentleman, and Carolina finds a warm place in her fiancee that she could not find in her own country.

Source: natalie