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Manga Release Update: “The Maiden Dedicated to a Bungo”

Chika Amamiya “The Maiden Dedicated to the Bungo” Volume 1 was released on March 25th.

Satsuki, a college student who works a part-time job at a bookstore, is saved by a mysterious beautiful boy like a prince who was being targeted by a stalker one day. She was looking forward to seeing him again, and she found out that he was her super-selling mystery writer Soichiro Yukimura … It is a love story drawn by an active bookstore clerk, drawn by a bookstore clerk who longs for a story-like love and a handsome novelist.

In addition, a bonus paper will be given to those who purchased books from the Yurindo bookstore series where the author actually works. The bonus is printed with an illustration drawn by the character wearing a Yurindo apron.

Link: Maiden dedicated to literary masters 1 | Chika Amamiya | [Trial reading available] – Shogakukan comics

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