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Manga Release Update: “Rose-colored Newlywed for the Rest of My Life”

Dulcche’s new serialization “Rose-colored Newlywed for the rest of my life” written by Lee Inhye and written by KD, started today at Piccoma on August 26th.

In order to avoid the curse of the sudden death of the first child just before becoming an adult, Isabella was born as a substitute for the curse. A year before she reached adulthood, she was betrayed by her kindest brother, Izal. As she stands in the depths of despair, she is offered a marriage proposal by the Duke of Noveldic

 “I want to be free at least for the last time,” she said that the first and last choice in her life was Marriage!?  and her husband was a little overprotective because he loved Isabella.


The rest of my life is a rose-colored newlywed life | Piccoma for free comics | Lee inhye KD Dulcche

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