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Manga Release Update: “I will publish a book in another world”

Volume 1 of Seika Ono’s “I will publish a recipe book in another world!” by Mikoto Sakurai was released on August 10th.

“I will publish a recipe book in another world”

The main character, Kotoko, who works at a coffee shop, loves cooking enough to run her own recipe website. One day, the store closed, and Kotoko changes her mind and embark on a journey around Japan to discover delicious foods. 

However, at that point, Kotoko gets lost in another world and is picked up by Maria, an old lady who runs a restaurant, and decides to help her shop. When Kotoko became familiar with the other world with her specialty dishes, she met Adrien , the Knight Commander, who was traumatized by food. 

As she learns about his troubles and her thoughts, she begins to realize that Kotoko has a new goal in this world and her love is budding… A story of food and love set in a different world.

Sakurai’s novel is comicalized by Ono and serialized in Gagau Monster.

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