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Manga Release Update: “Hanamachi no Bouncer”

One volume of the one-merca “Hanamachi no Bouncer” based on Ryo Fukaumi’s original draft of the Mushroom Princess character was released on November 1st.

This work is a fantasy that begins when Genyukika, who works as a female bouncer in Hanamachi to repay her adoptive father’s debt, that includes a “certain contract”. 

One day, the handsome head of the Beni family, Beni Shiki, who is one of the five major aristocrats, visited her. It is said that Shiki heard rumors about the strength of Yukihana’s skill and came to ask for the escort of the princess who lives in the back shrine. 

Yukihana refuses to work at Gomiya, but decides to work at Gomiya because she was given the condition that the entire debt will be settled. While acting as an escort for the princess, various suspicions about the back shrine became apparent … Also pay attention to the frustrating relationship between Yukihana, who hates good-looking guys because her adoptive father was beautiful, and Shiki, who is curious about Yukihana who is not flirting with her beautiful self. This work is a comicalized version of the novel of the same name, and is being serialized in B’s-LOG COMIC (KADOKAWA).

Some bookstores offer purchase benefits. The visual board drawn by Animate will be presented with the data of the illustration drawn by purchasing at an electronic bookstore such as Comic Seymour.

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