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Manga Release Update: “Bungo rice from Sendagi Neko Chabo”

The first volume of Nazuna Nanano’s “Bungo Rice from Sendagi Neko Chabo” based on the original work by Aoi Yamamoto was released today on March 7th.

Sendagi Neko Chabo’s Bungo Rice

Aki, a member of society, is taking a leave of absence from the company because she is tired of her life as a company slave. 

She was informed that her beloved grandmother had fallen ill. In her disappointment, her grandmother, who ran her cafe, asked her to “protect the shop.” When she went to her grandmother’s shop thinking that It was going to be easy, but there were unexpected events such as a mysterious handsome man falling down in front of the shop and a cat saying that it was Natsume Soseki’s reincarnation. “Sendagi Neko Chabo’s Bungo Rice” is a manga UP! It is being serialized. To commemorate the release, illustration data is available in the electronic version.

“Bungo rice of Sendagi Neko Chabo” Volume 1 Electronic version benefits

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