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Manga Planet to Add 77 New Titles from TORICO!

Ikebukuro, Japan — Manga Planet is pleased to announce the addition of a total of 77 titles* of the shojo, yuri (Girls’ Love), shonen, and seinen genres from TORICO to its library.

The titles, which will be covered by the Manga Planet Pass (Manga Planet’s subscription plan), are as follows:

Shojo (36 Titles)

  • 29-Year-Old in the Service Industry, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • A Transparent Fever, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • A Wish, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • Alpha Minus, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Ampersand, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Another Side of You, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • Chima-san’s Trinket Box, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Cooking, by MURAI
  • Diary of My Daily Failures, by Eriko Kobayashi
  • Dreams Take Flight, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • Ekikoi: The Young Miss Falls for the Station Attendant, by Betty Nanasato
  • Fermata Life, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Flipboard, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Goodbye Pumpkin, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Happy Bird, by Emi Fukasaku
  • It All Ends In Summer, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • Leave it to Sero!, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • Love Portrait, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • Maison Q, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • Me, Her, and Cinnamon, by GURISUGURI
  • My Little, Stray Cat, by Okiko
  • Natalie and Mysterious Takumi, by Yumika Tsuru
  • Oda and Hototogi, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Repeating Your End Together, by Seiju Natsumegu
  • Sammy and Onokoro, by MURAI
  • Soft Arpeggio, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Spirited Away, by Yoshio Sakaguchi
  • Sweet Pain, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • Sweet Seduction: Under the Same Roof with The Guy I Hate, by Akiko Naoe
  • The Class Rep’s Glasses, by Emi Fukasaku
  • The Delicious Food Taster, by Emi Fukasaku
  • The Happiness Street in District Zero, by Tsunami Minatsuki
  • The Key In The Cage, by Shino Matsuda
  • The Princess’s Circumstances, by Ibuki Kosaka
  • Waiting in the Classroom, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Yukimi Records, by Emi Fukasaku

Yuri/GL (4 Titles)

  • Girl’s Cocoon, by Kaiko Fuyumushi
  • Kotonoha, by Kisugae
  • Lily Marble, by Kisugae
  • Yuri Wall, by Setaseta

Shonen (8 Titles)

  • 1787, by Inazuma Takashi and Chihiro Kuwamura
  • BIKINGS, by Jun Fudo
  • Different Nation, by Kakio Tsurukawa
  • Journey To The West Girls, by Yuta Kayashima
  • Makabe-sensei’s Perfect Plan, by Kosuke Tokimune
  • Shokudama, by Jun Fudo
  • Witch Sister, by Natsuki Matsuzawa
  • Zanmu, by Yuta Kayashima

Seinen (29 titles)

  • A Classroom Bereft of Angels, by SeNMU
  • A Long Stay, by VIEW
  • BYTE, by VIEW
  • Chrysanthemum Boy, by Shino Matsuda
  • Country Called America, by VIEW
  • Curse of the Three Sisters, by SeNMU
  • Daily Life in 8 Pages, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Dominant 7th, by Emi Fukasaku
  • Hinako’s My Wife?!, by Masumiya
  • I Don’t Even Have Time to Live, by Nakano
  • I See Them, by Geiko Shitamatsu
  • I’m Not Scared!, by SeNMU
  • I`ll Always Be with You, Okay?, by SeNMU
  • Ninja Rookie, by Mari Koike
  • Otsbell and the Elephant, by Yuta Kayashima
  • Parallel Lanes, by iwo
  • PLAYBOY, by Pan Mitsubachi
  • Smile, It’s Just A Dream, by Torimura
  • Split Story, by Kata Katoh
  • Swallowed by the Kotatsu, by Neruko Nichinichi
  • That Rainy Day When I Killed My Mother-in-law, by Misakix Yumisaki
  • The Euthanasia Facility, by SeNMU
  • The Night of No Return, by MURAI
  • The Path I Walked, by SeNMU
  • The Peculiar Room, by iwo
  • Training Under A Beauty, by Goetamu
  • W H I Y M?, by SeNMU
  • When You Grow Up, by SeNMU

*Release dates to be announced later

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